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Our Saddles feature the unique Dupont Flex-tree and "XChange"® interchangeable gullet system, taking the saddles to a new level of comfort, flexibility and fit.

Top competitors world wide have found the XChange® system to be the fastest and easiest to use system of its kind. Five interchangeable color coded steel gullets provide a total range of widths.

Best of all, it only takes a simple screwdriver, 6 steps and 10 minutes of time to make the change!



AMS® is an exclusive system, composed by two materials: conventional wool (A) and a layer of neoprene (B). The latter one is in contact with the horse to help to absorb the top pressure, distributing it evenly on the whole soft surface of the panel.

Bayflex ®

BayFlex® is a type of memory-flex polyurethane wich has been specifically designed for padding purposes by BAYER®. Is is an extremely versatile material that can adjust itself to different pressures and maintain its protection without losing its shape.